Things to look for in 2019

unusual spring offerings

  • Fritillaria Uva-Vulpis - Weeping, purple-bronze bells, kissed on the lips with gold.

  • Fritillaria Persica - Plum-colored bell-shaped flowers on long, strong blue-green stalks.

  • Tulip and Daffodils - Technicolor petals that could be mistaken for feathers, crystalline edges that look like they’ve had a run in with Grandma’s pinking shears, ruffles galore…. these are not your average grocery store varieties!

foliage and fillers

  • We’re upping our foliage and filler game this year! Look for Apple of Peru, fragrant mints, trailing nasturtiums, artemisia, Mahogany Splendor Hibiscus, broom corn, bronze fennel, scented geraniums and more!

new to us

  • Shirley Poppy Amazing Grey - an event cut for sure, shirley poppies have a brief vase life of a handful of days….. but that color! It’s smoky lavender grey petals are a perfect pop of unusual.

  • Roselily Anouska - Oriental lilies have been bred to be pollen-less, have a subtler scent, and double petals.

returning favorites

  • Dahlias - our obsession and collection of these beauties continues to grow. I can’t think of another flower that offers such a variety of colors and textures and forms to arrangements.

  • Oxypetalum Coeruleum (tweedia) - When your bride's "something blue" has to have petals and be the same shade of cerulean as Torch Lake.

  • Callistephus chinensis (china aster) - showy peony-type blooms that seem to be as at home in the vase as they were attached to the plant.